Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Meetup: Racial Disparities and Healthcare Inequity

June 11, 2020
5:00 PM EDT - 6:00 PM EDT
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Thank you for your interest in this program. Registration has exceeded capacity of the Zoom room (100 participants) and is no longer available.

The Triangle Healthcare Executives' Forum of North Carolina (THEF) chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) cordially invites you to a discussion on  Racial Disparities and Healthcare Inequity.

Healthcare leaders across the nation are troubled by the recent racial injustices and violence sweeping the country.  As it was with COVID-19, we find ourselves in new territory once again, with potential detrimental impact to the healthcare workforce and patient population.   Mounting racial tension, environmental insecurity and violence threatens the health and safety of the communities we serve and many of us a grappling with ways to provide care in a new kind of health crisis. 

THEF’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee will host a roundtable discussion to start the conversation.  Knowing where to begin is sometimes the most difficult part.  Together we will explore options and talk freely in a safe space.  Come share your concerns and fears in a judgement free forum with your colleagues at THEF.


  • Seek to understand how we can approach difficult and uncomfortable conversations regarding social injustices, specifically the recent racial injustices that have resulted in senseless deaths.

  • Seek to understand the how the recently publicized racial injustices have impacted the healthcare workforce

  • Seek to understand how social inequalities impact the individuals that provide healthcare, as well as the patients that receive care.

  • Explore how the black lives movement relates to organizational goals for diversity, inclusion and equity

  • Identify ways to support teams and individuals who have been affected by the recent publicized events and who are victims of structural racism

  • Create a safe space for individuals to share their personal experiences with racism and consider antidotes for its’ venomous sting

ACHE has approved 1 ACHE Qualified Education Credit to participants in this program that may be applied toward fellowship advancement or recertification with the ACHE.  Participants in this program should list their attendance in their ACHE profile to have the credits applied.


Alvin (Joe) D'Angelo, MS, MHA, Administrative Director of Ambulatory Surgery - Ambulatory Care Operations, Duke University Health System


Kevin Greats, MS, MHA, Planning Analyst, Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLC, Duke Health